“I wasn’t involved at all. It seemed fishy with all that drama. I know they get a lot of money but I don’t know where it goes.”

-Aaron Mccarter, Marketing


“I voted. I don’t know who won. Did they post it somewhere?”

– William Bates, Behavioral Science


“I voted. There was a girl in one of my classes who was running so she was hounding everybody…She might have won I haven’t checked. And I couldn’t believe how many posters there were.”

-Ryan Hong, PR


“I don’t really know what’s going on. I came into school one day and it was like a poster explosion…I don’t think the student elections are bad or anything.”

-Jeff Adams, Computer Science


“I know that there was a lot of drama and I know there were serious violations that weren’t punished. I think that when you get into the politics here and they are corrupt on a university level, it’ll never change out in the real world.”

– Macote Ambrozio, Political Science Major 


“Do they have elections? When do they have elections?”

-Junior Colin, Construction Management


“I voted for Brock Ward, he showed interest in deaf studies and that’s my major…I don’t know if he won.”

-Destinee Rowley, Deaf Studies


“I think Aspire should have won. They didn’t have enough

time to promote.”

-Marcus Pratt, Emergency Services Management


“I thought that the majority of the individuals who were most capable won, however, this doesn’t mean that the people I wanted to win, won.”

-Maggie Owens, Speech Communications


“I think a lot of awareness was raised this time around. The turnout was better this year. There are those of us who are still going to push for election reform and other issues that can hopefully make next year’s elections more democratic.”

-Jessica Burnham, Integrated Studies