On Oct. 7, hundreds of students gathered under the stars to earn the title of “true wolverine.” Though the night was cold, things quickly heated up.

For those unfamiliar with the tradition, a “true wolverine” is someone who kisses another at the top of the courtyard’s fountain at midnight on a specific date. Rather than having it be something that couples do alone, UVUSA officers decided to make an event of it.

A DJ played popular love songs while hot chocolate and Kiss Stix lip balm were distributed. Some came with a partner while others awkwardly scrambled to find someone to help turn them into a “true wolverine.”

As the clock struck midnight, students began taking their turn at the top of the fountain. Each couple had 10 seconds; some took more, some less. Several found multiple people to kiss throughout the evening, becoming true wolverines a number of times.

An event like this has occurred at nearby schools for years, but is new to UVU. Sarah Standing, a student body vice president, said that she was excited for the event while noticing the excellent turnout.

Others weren’t so enthusiastic.

Trevor Wilson, a junior, said, “I feel like this is encouraging women to be floosies. Events like this might challenge people’s standards.”

Regardless of personal beliefs, it looks like UVU has a new tradition that is here to stay.