A group of teens and young adults representing The Vibe Performing Arts Studio in Lindon, Utah is preparing to showcase homegrown Utah dance talent.

The students range in age from 15 to 22 years old. Many started dancing soon after learning to walk, and formal instruction for many started in preschool. The Vibe believes its student dancers should be trained in all dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap and ballroom.

The well-rounded and balanced training brought the group national attention which resulted in their invitation to perform on national television on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” at 7 p.m. on April 13.

The performing team is made up of five couples; the five guys are Brock Bodily, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Tynan Hamilton, Brandon Armstrong and Trey Jackson. The five girls are Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold, Brittany Cherry, Kelsey Skousen and Tanisha Belnap.  Some couples have been together for 13 years.

“Most of us have danced since the age of two,” Skousen explained in a recent interview. “We’re just excited to get out there and dance.”

Their dedication to the sport has resulted in two national Dancesport championships.

“The tour team has prepared me a ton by the simple fact that we just got done with our concert, so performing is fresh in my mind,” said Bloxsom-Carter, a member of the UVU ballroom tour team.

Hamilton is one of the younger members of the team. This will be his first national television performance.

“I’m excited for what we are going to show the nation, which is what we have been working our whole lives for,” Hamilton said.

This group came together in December as part of Vibe’s professional show “Move,” but because of limited space, the entire “Move” cast couldn’t do “Dancing with the Stars.” An audition was held, and the best from that audition made the team.

The team will be performing a number titled “Identity” which is a latin ballroom routine choreographed by Mark Ballas, one of the professionals on “Dancing With The Stars.”

“This is the most talented group I’ve ever been a part of,” Ballas said. “They learned the choreography in no time.”