What do you think of Utah adopting an immigration law like that of Arizona’s SB 1070?

“I’m very conflicted because I have family who came here the right way, with their papers, even though it cost money and took a lot of time. I also have family who came here illegally and their kids were born here.”
Christina Cervantes
Freshman, Culinary Arts

“I think it’s been blown out of proportion.”
Ron Smith
Senior, Biology

“We need to do something about immigration. I don’t think it means that it needs to be the same as the Arizona bill … but we need to do something about it.”
Anthony Layne
Senior, Pharmacy

“The laws that Arizona wrote were poorly written and vague as far as what police can and cannot do. As far as the policy itself, I feel like that’s the policy of the United States anyway.”
Ryan Turek
Senior, Technology Management

“I’m all for fighting for an immigration bill … I think immigration is a huge problem.”
Jolene Nuttall,
Asst. director of public services

“I think there will be lots of racial profiling. You get to stop someone on the street just because you think they’re illegal, when that’s not the case.”
Francisco Garay
Sophomore, Exercise Science

“I don’t know if I’m completely down with [Police] stopping people because they don’t look ‘American.’”
Odette Da Silva