10. You know Hollister clothing was cool in high school and frosted tips still look stupid.

9. Seniors have realized that you can call your teacher Bill and not Professor.

8. You know the location of every hot tub in Orem / Provo, closing times, how to get into the closed ones and you effectively hop all of them every night.

7. You know you can survive a few weeks without getting your books while the freshmen are in lines for hours at the bookstore.

6. You know what a book on reserve in the library means: more money to buy pizza with.

5. You don’t have to deal with all those young girls and preemie missionaries in your 3000+ level classes, which means meaningful conversations, and not talks about beanie babies and pogs.

4. It always gives me a huge laugh to see the guys who just got home from their missions this summer and realize that is kind of cool to wear a v-neck, but don’t realize that they can’t wear their t-shirt garment top underneath it. I think it’s this generation’s socks and sandals.

3. Understanding that in 2 weeks you can stop riding your bike to school ’cause there will be a ton of open parking spots when the freshman have dropped out.

2. The words “Copyright Infringement” mean nothing to you when you are standing by a copy machine with your friend’s math book which you never bought.

1. You finally understand that being a democrat is the path to eternal exaltation.