Photo Courtesy of UVU Department of Theatrical Arts

On Oct. 21, the UVU Department of Theatrical Arts opened its play Noises Off in the Ragan Theater. The play focuses on a group of actors with their director, stage manager and tech guy trying to put on a play.

Made up of three acts, the plot shows how things can go from bad to complete disaster when there is little sleep, minimal time to practice, high emotions and alcoholic cast members.

The entire cast was brilliant in working together to tackle a play that juggles multiple characters and comedic timing. The most entertaining part was the second act, which takes place backstage during one of the performances. The only dialogue comes from the play they are performing “on stage,” which the audience cannot see. Backstage, the entire cast had to convey all of the drama that was happening without making any loud noises.

An immensely entertaining farce that provides laugh after laugh from a dedicated cast, Noises Off will entertain anyone. The show runs through Oct. 30 at begins at 7:30 p.m., excluding Sundays. Tickets are $7 with student ID, $9-11 without.