“The Philosophy of Small Containers (Including post 1950s avant garde wicker baskets)” – David Self Newlin, Opinions editor

“Oil painting. After every class period I would be covered in paint. It even used to get in my hair somehow! Some of my clothing still has stains and I’m always reminded of that when people point them out.” – Jessica Burnham, News editor

“Ballet… please don’t tell anyone.” – Trent Bates, Photo editor

“Applied Workshop on Being Sane in Insane Places. I used my experience on the newspaper staff as the topic for my final essay and got a B-.” – Lindsey Linge, Culture editor

“Math 950. Oh wait, I didn’t have a choice.” – Loran Cook, Copy editor

“Ridiculous may not be the appropriate word, but an awesome and ridiculously good elective class I’ve taken would be the Language as a Dangerous Possession class with Alex Calderio and Scott Abbott. It was insane in all the good ways.” – Jennie Nicholls, Editor-in-chief

“Human Anatomy. Actually, it wasn’t so much a class as it was an invitation from this dude hanging out behind the Sinclair. Long story short, it was the worst twenty bucks I ever made.” – Rob Steffen, Video correspondent

“First semester I took Goblin History 1010. It was hard, but I was pleased with my final grade. I was signing up for Wizardology 2012 when I woke up on the floor of my office. Turns out I just fell asleep watching Lord of the Rings. Life’s cruel sometimes.” – Jordy Kirkman, Multimedia editor