What food do you never tire of eating?

Cheese!!!! All kinds. With or without fruit (especially pears), crackers, bread, pasta, eggs, apple pie, anything that tastes naked without cheese is actually just in need of that special touch. – Robbin Anthony, Office manager

I could eat saltines all day long and eventually die of malnourishment. – Spencer Shell, Section designer

Daylight Donuts! I can eat an entire dozen chocolate glazed Daylight Donuts in one sitting. Yummy, yummy, yummy… – Amie Wells, Events editor

It used to be barbecue potato chips, until this one time I ate them until I puked. Now it’s anything from India Palace. – Emma Hunt, Copy Chief

The flesh of humans. – Jordy Kirkman, Multimedia editor

Food for thought… unless someone else on the staff said that. In which case, steak. – Rob Steffen, Video correspondent

Nachos. They rule! – Greg Wilcox, Web editor

Pizza, pizza. And not that wimpy “cheese only” stuff. If you want that, then go get a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. I say the more toppings, the better. – Matthew Jonassaint, Asst. opinions editor

Jelly and ice cream, the ultimate kids’ party food. No matter what you’ve eaten prior to [it], I always find there is enough room left for jelly and ice cream. – Loran Cook, Copy editor

My friend Whitney Mower and I can’t get enough of Sports Beans. They are caffeinated jelly beans that taste like cat food. – Meghan Wiemer, Features editor

Baby animals. – Trent Bates, photo editor

Definitely chocolate. I once went on a diet where I think over half of my daily calories came from eating Hershey’s Hugs. As should have been obvious, the diet backfired. – Lindsey Linge, Culture editor