“Life Left to Go” is the name of SafetySuit’s debut album. The band will be in concert on Sept. 18. Photo courtesy of Amazon

Up-and-coming band SafetySuit will be coming to the UCCU Center on Sept. 18. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the band is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. From small clubs and local theaters in the South to performing with popular bands such as Seether and 3 Doors Down, they have come a long way from where they originally started. SafetySuit names bands such as U2, Matchbox 20, Coldplay and Muse as their primary influences, yet their sound is quite different from those groups. Their Southern roots come out in songs like “Stay,” which is reminiscent of a softer version of 3 Doors Down. Ballads like “Find a Way” have a Lifehouse-like style.

What sets SafetySuit apart from each of those bands, however, is how catchy most of their tempos are. The single “Annie,” about an atypical plain Jane girl is surprisingly compelling, even if the lyrics are a bit weak. Whatever the band may lack in lyrical content, they make up for with their pop beats. With mainstream radio being filled with the likes of Ke$ha and Katy Perry, it is hard to know if or when SafetySuit will make it big. The band is definitely radio-friendly and undoubtedly knows how to get a crowd going. Regardless of personal music preferences, it should prove to be a great show. Their album, Life Left To Go, is available on iTunes.

Tickets are on sale now for $10.00 in advance or $15.00 on the day of the concert, available at the Events Center box office or on www.SmithTix.com