Students take advantage of yoga exercises to relieve stress and promote better overall health.
Photo by Terri Oda

In September of 2009, adjunct instructor Russell Lee organized the university’s first yoga club. Lee started the club because he wanted others to learn about yoga, have opportunities for students to take classes and simply because he enjoys teaching yoga. Being interested in all different styles of teaching, he also wanted to learn more about yoga and teaching helped him achieve this.

Although Lee teaches most of the classes, he also gives others who have been trained an opportunity to teach classes as well. Cassidi Taylor helps organize and plan for the Yoga Club and Kimberly Reynolds is the club advisor.

Students benefit from being in the yoga club in different ways, like getting to learn what yoga is and what it can do for them. Yoga is a well-rounded workout, helping with range of motion, flexibility, strength, muscle toning and stress relief. Yoga also teaches how to breathe deep.

“Health isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good. Eventually athletes wear themselves down and need something to counter the pain they feel in their body from working the same muscle groups over and over,” said Lee. “Yoga is the balance and the counter for our lifestyles, there is never a time when you’re not going to need it, whether you’re sitting in a desk or riding on bike.”

Members of the yoga club pay a $20 fee, which gives them a T-shirt and the opportunity to attend all yoga sessions. This month, the club is offering free classes for club members and $2 for anyone else who would like to attend, including family and friends. Members of the club can also attend the Yoga Sun studio on 1401 North State Street in Orem on Friday afternoons for a free class. Visit for more information.

If you’d like to join Yoga Club, you can contact Russell Lee at 801-400-0096 or come to a class on a Wednesday night at 8 p.m. in PE 225. Classes go until the end of April and will start again during fall semester. Yoga classes will also be offered for credit in the fall.