The MAWL cheers on UVU Volleyball last season in a match against USC. Courtesy of UVU Athletics

Joining the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL) and getting a 2010-11 sports pass should be on every UVU student’s to-do list for the upcoming semester.

“This year we have lowered the price of the All-Sports Pass to $5 instead of $20 from last year,” said Ben Knell, the current MAWL President.

A MAWL pass allows free admission to every regular season NCAA home game, free food at tailgate parties, monthly giveaways, new friends and much more.

Knell said it is their goal this year to, “Just have fun and make every event a social one where UVU students can get together and meet new people through the tailgates and after-parties that will be held before and after games.”

Knell also said other reasons to obtain a MAWL pass and be involved with the MAWL are, “To show school pride and spirit. This is a great opportunity to meet new fun people and to get involved with true school spirit.”

MAWL passes can be used beginning August 13 as UVU Soccer begins their season at home against Westminster College.

“Joining the MAWL will give every student the very affordable opportunity to not only see our incredible athletic teams at their finest, but also a great way to get to meet new people,” says UVU Student Body President Richard Portwood.

During the fall semester, MAWL passes can be used to watch the soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams battle for wins.

During the spring semester, MAWL passes can be used to watch UVU baseball and softball at Brent Brown Ballpark.

MAWL passes can be obtained by visiting Campus Connection located in the student center.

“The games are such a fun environment to be in,” said Portwood. “I’ll see you there.”