“Advertising” may be an unpleasant moniker for self-expression, but let’s get past the details and get down to turning junk into something awesome. The do-it-yourself movement is the apex of self-expression; how, for example, can a shirt made by someone you’ve never met (or possibly even heard of) be an accurate advertisement for who you are as a person? Answer: it can’t. With a little work and even less cash, you can turn your appearance and surroundings into a truthful representation of what joeymayeswebyou are on the inside. Advertise your ideas, ideals, loves, hates, hobbies, job or even school spirit.

Spray paint stencils

Commonly associated with graffiti, home-made stencils and spray paint can be used on much more than the nearest cement wall. For the record, the UVU Review is not recommending you deface public property. Or suggesting that you already do. Just don’t get caught.

To make a stencil, you’ll need a sturdy, good-sized paper/cardboard object, a sharp object, and some rudimentary design skills. Many commercial products such as records and calendars come with a perfect 12×12″ compacted cardboard insert. You can also use plain old cardstock or a cardboard box. Either print or draw your intended design on the board, and have at it with a razor blade, pair of scissors, steak knife or anything else that is handy. Depending on the design, sloppier cutting might make it cooler.

Hold your stencil up to it’s intended victim — whether it be a t-shirt, a canvas bag, a poster or perhaps your passed-out-drunk roommate’s chest. (But not really. No, seriously, don’t spray your roommates with paint.) Double-check to make sure you’ve placed the design well, and spray away. If you don’t have spray paint or the resources to buy spray paint, you can use nail polish, permanent marker or t-shirt paint.

If you’re working on something like a t-shirt, and you don’t want the paint to seep through to the back of the shirt, be sure to find another piece of cardboard or cardstock and put it in between the layers of fabric.

Spread the knowledge

It can be frustrating to be two steps behind your degree and unable to utilize what you’ve learned so far. You can advertise your knowledge by creating one of those old-school fliers with your phone number written on tags hanging from the bottom of the page. Offer to share your expertise in your major, your hobby, or anything you think yourself particularly talented at.

To hang these posters at the school, you will have to be approved by Campus Connection. Posters must be affiliated with the school (particularly through a club), and cannot be advertising an outside business. So if you’re asking money for your services, you’re better off sticking to the bulletin boards at local grocery stores.

For more ideas on how to express yourself cheaply, tune in to next week’s edition of the UVU Review.