Zack Dearing
Hometown: Vernal, Utah
Major: Behavioral Science
Year: Sophomore

“[On my worst date ever] my friends set me up for a group date and the girl I was suppose to be set up with was named Shelley. When we went to pick her up, she wasn’t there. So we went to go pick up the other dates and then came back to get my date and she still wasn’t there. [My friend] called her a bunch and she didn’t answer so we just went to the park for a picnic. I was kind of dateless for a while. When she showed up, she had just finished mowing the lawn so she didn’t look too pretty. She was in a really bad mood and we only said about three words to each other and she ended up leaving early.”

Chris Loumeau
Hometown: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho
Major: Business Management & Community Health
Year: Junior

“On my worst date, I took a girl who I was set up with miniature golfing. She kept complaining about miniature golfing. She ended up throwing her golf ball into each hole and tossing her golf club into the river. And then when we went to the go-carts, she saw a guy that she knew. She sat with him and made me drive by myself.”

Samantha Frei
Hometown: Springville, Utah
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Freshman

“My worst date was prom my sophomore year. The guy kept trying to kiss me all night long and ended up falling into a swimming pool. It was a bad night.”

Jessica Bullock
Hometown: Forrest Hill, Maryland
Major: Community Health
Year: Senior

“My worst date was a blind date that my cousin set me up on. My cousin wanted to double with me, and he’s already super awkward. He set me up with this guy who was 29-years-old and I was 19. We were in the car and he started asking me how I felt about marriage and about children. It was super, super awkward so I told him I felt sick and I went home early.”

Michael Briggs
Hometown: Provo, Utah
Major: Digital Media
Year: Freshman

“My worst date ever was a blind date for a homecoming dance. The girl spent the entire time in the bathroom with her friends. Then we had to go home super early because [of] her dad, and it kind of ruined the whole night. And she stole my brother’s sweatpants.”

Ryan Prince
Hometown: Kaysville, Utah
Major: Business Management
Year: Freshman

“My worst date was probably my first date. I asked a girl in my math class if she wanted to go on a date. That was the first time I had talked to her and I didn’t talk to her again until the day of the date. We went with my older brother in a group and they decided to watch Rocky 4 She had never seen any of the Rocky movies before, so she fell asleep and then just wanted to go home after that. It was pretty miserable. I never talked to her again.”

Karlie Mitchell
Hometown: Springville, Utah
Major: Health Education
Year: Senior

“My worst date ever was a blind date. He came and picked me up but his mom was driving. We went and picked up a tandem bike and rode up this extremely steep hill. He wasn’t an athlete so I ended up pedaling us both up the hill. This was in the middle of the summer, so it was about 100 degrees. We went up and ate lunch, which was rotten egg salad. We got sick from it and we had to pedal back. His mom ended up driving me home alone because he didn’t feel well.”