I disagree with the article titled “‘Tis the Season.” We “huddled masses” are “depressed” because of the weather, period.

We gain weight because we have more reason to stay in and watch TV. We’re lethargic for the same reason. Less exercise and activity outside means fewer endorphins and less dopamine in our brains.

When it’s dark, our bodies produce more melatonin, which makes us want to sleep. Sure, you can have a positive attitude toward anything, but nature and our biology will take their course.

When I’m cold, I’m irritated and I want to be warm; it will inevitably be a pebble in my shoe every time I walk outside. We’re not enabling this “self-loathing” state – we’re just reacting to it.

-Andrew Hales

What gives you the right to claim that SAD is not real and that people are not affected by the weather? What education, knowledge or sources do you have that backs up anything you said?

I know what depression and SAD are and how they affect people’s lives.  Depression and SAD can be a very serious matter of business. There are people who need help with an illness caused by a chemical imbalance over which they have no control.

You say, “It’s the rage against accountability.” Accountability for what?  Depression and SAD are not always in the mind. It is a real and physical thing.

Your “opinion” could very well prevent one of UVU’s students from getting the very help they need. Take advice from a person that has first-hand knowledge of these disorders: Don’t write an opinion on something about which you obviously have no knowledge or experience.

-Chris Koeven