Individuals need to understand that the United States of America is a nation of laws. We are governed by the rule of law, which is defined as “no person is immune to law.” Everyone who enters into the country is subject to our law.

Opponents of Arizona’s SB1070 and Utah’s Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act need to understand that states are within their right to pass immigration enforcement laws. The only power that I have read in the Constitution that gives the Federal Government power for immigration is “[to] establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (Article I, Section 8).

Am I against immigration? No, I am for legal immigration. More and more Americans are being killed by illegal immigrants, our healthcare and welfare programs are being overtaxed and we, as a state and nation, can no longer afford to turn a blind eye on this problem. “Education instead of deportation?” How about “Legal immigration equals education?”

-Charles Hall