Joe Jurisic

Dear students of UVU,


First and foremost I would like to sincerely apologize to any student who was or still is offended by any of my tweets. I take full responsibility for all of the tweets mentioned on my Twitter page. Although the inappropriate tweets were lyrics from songs, they were still hurtful to some. I feel as though the tweets do not represent me or anything I stand for, but instead just happened to be the song lyrics I was listening to at the time. And even though I am a huge fan of Nicki Minaj and Alana Davis, some may feel their lyrics are sexist or feminist. I would like to make it very clear I am in no way either of the two.


In my opinion being offended is a personal choice. Many people may often call me offensive things, but it is my choice to be hurt or affected by them. Therefore in most cases I choose to not let it get to me. I would also like to point out that I am a huge fan of women. Most of my best friends are women, my entire Student Life branch is made up of only women (shout out to Cori, Maggie, Hilari, Sammie, Morgan, and Madison), and I love my sisters from the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.


Additionally, I want to express that Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites are a terrible representation of an individual. How can you determine if you like someone or not through 140 characters? I feel as though that is a terrible way to judge a persons character. If you truly want to get to know me let’s go get coffee (or tea, or water, or whatever), I’ll buy. It is disappointing to me to think that we have become a society that relies on social media in order to figure a person out. Through this we have completely lost the importance of human interaction.


From this I have learned the benefits of having a conversation with an individual instead of a computer screen or an iPhone. I prefer building relationships with people rather than technology. With that, again, if you want to get to know someone go have a conversation with them.


As a result of all of this, with the election going on this past week, I can only hope that my actions didn’t affect your thoughts of any of the candidates running for office. They are all great individuals and would have been incredible as your student body leaders. Please have faith in your officers and express any thought or concerns you may have, that’s what they are here for. Again, I sincerely apologize to anyone who was affected by my tweets. I truly never meant to hurt anyone. I hope you can accept my apology and hope I can get to know more of you for the remainder of my time at UVU.




-Joe Jurisic