As a pedestrian walking from my car to the main buildings, I have noticed that I can’t “legally” get to the library or LA building from the parking lot I use. There simply aren’t any crosswalks there. In other words, jaywalking isn’t really a choice – it’s a necessity. Then again, as a driver trying to get to campus, I have also struggled because once you stop in front of a crosswalk during a busy time, you may end up being there upwards of five minutes because no pedestrians are willing to let you get through the crosswalk before they cross. I recognize there are issues for both the driver and the pedestrian (who are one and the same at some point). Infrastructure needs to change to accommodate the massive number of students driving and walking in the parking lots simultaneously.  Crosswalks with lights are used effectively at BYU to prevent this type of problem, and I really don’t see why UVU can’t follow suit to prevent the frustration and fright that driving or walking on their campus invokes.

-Laura Gilchrist