10 couples competed for a chance to win iPod prizes from the Bookstore. Andrew Petersen / UVU REVIEW

On Feb. 2, ten iPods were held mid-kiss in a battle of will and stamina.

The Bookstore’s Annual Kissing Contest offered 10 couples a shot at each winning an 8G iPod Touch. All they had to do was hold a packaged iPod Nano between each of them using only their lips and hope to outlast the other nine couples.

Couples were not allowed to touch the table that stood between them, but could put their hands in their pockets or embrace each other. The contest started at 9 a.m. and would last as long as the couples could.

Students walked by bewildered, but laughing, at the spectacle.

“It’s way funny and way creative,” said sophomore Business major Micah Thayer.

When asked if she would compete next year she said, “If I had my boyfriend, yes. That way it wouldn’t be so awkward.”

Most of the couples competing were in a relationship of some kind, whether they were dating, engaged or married. According to Heidi Tryone, the bookstore employee in charge of the event, one couple gave themselves the designation of “just friends.”

By 2 p.m., only three couples remained in the competition: The Lip Lockers, The Bros and Mmmh. By 2:30 p.m., after five and a half hours, the winners were declared.

Third place went to The Lip Lockers, Zach and Bailee Hawkins, each receiving a $25 iTunes gift card. Second place went to Mmmh, Eduardo Contreras and Paola Hernandez-DeAlba, each receiving a 2G iPod Shuffle. It was The Bros, Tiffany Tibbs and Brandon Christensen, who each walked home with an 8G iPod Touch, in addition to sore lips.