So apparently Joe the Plumber is coming to UVU.  There’s been some initial backlash to the news, but I kinda don’t get why everyone’s so upset.  Think back a ways.  When we became a university, much was made of the fact that we were “not losing our roots as a trade school”. And our school is finally backing that claim up by inviting the world’s second most famous plumber to speak to our plumbing students on the topic of plumbing.

Joein the party line at a rally
Joe the Plumber at an Ohio rally, 2008

I assume that’s what he’s speaking on, plumbing. He could talk about Obama and Israel, but that hasn’t gone well in the past. He could talk about throwing McCain under the bus, I guess, or his ghost written memoirs facilitating his need for a publicist .  That’s all fair game, but why let that get in the way of what matters?  Let’s not pigeon-hole the man; wildly erratic views on politics aren’t all he has.  He continues to have the plumbing.

By the way, if you’re curious what the world’s first most famous plumber has been up to, you can check it here.