Relationships are tricky. There are ups and downs are expected and sometimes relationships move into different stages. Taking the plunge requires a transition period, as does the ending of a long-term relationship. Jennie Nicholls takes you through the process of change from being single to getting engaged and Dave Iba recounts the steps to reviving yourself in case your marriage turns sour…

Single to engaged
by Jennie Nicholls

I am getting married in May to my high-school sweetheart, four years and running, but it hasn’t always been roses. It is normal to fight a lot once the ring is on your finger; there are plenty of pressures on you to plan that wedding and to prepare for your blessed marriage. Here are some things to help you adjust from the single life to the world of being engaged.

Balance is the first and foremost factor of your success as an engaged couple. You must be able to tell your friends “no” when they want to go dancing at Club Sound that Friday night when it is your fiancé’s niece’s birthday party. But also be careful to stand your ground on important issues, such as making sure that friend time is still a priority for the both of you. Balance your time to ensure a smooth engagement.


Keep it light. Remember the days of making out and just having fun just enjoying each other’s company? You know, the things that made you fall in love in the first place? Keep those things close so you don’t forget why you chose to marry your fiancé.

Give single life a big wave goodbye. Cut out the flirting, the Facebook stalking of that hot guy or girl and get real. You are taken, for real. So keep your eyes on the prize and that is your fiancé. The road to a happy engagement begins with monogamy.

Transitioning from being married to divorced

by Dave Iba

When the word divorce comes up, a big smile comes across my face. Here’s why:

Freedom- You get your life back! You can do whatever you want, come home whenever you want and spend your money on stupid stuff again. You don’t have to worry about saving money for a house. Now you can buy back your Xbox from the pawn shop and trade that ring in for a Harley Davidson.

Instant sympathy- If you tell someone that you got divorced, they automatically feel sorry for you. After a divorce, you don’t get questions like, “When are you going to get married?” If I do, I just politely say with a frown, “I did… but it was only for a little while.” Nine times out of ten you will get a sympathy make-out for a comment like that. Not curious about sex anymore- Lets be honest, most of Provo/Orem gets married because they can’t wait to have sex.
This is why getting married for a short time is so great! Plus, if you want to start rebelling just a little and get a tattoo or something. People will just say, “Oh, he’ll get over it soon. He just went though a hard time.”