After President Obama’s April 29 address, what do you think America’s role in Libya should be?

Stay out. [Obama] has enough political liabilities as it is.
Brent Springer
Junior, Chemistry

As we’re getting our natural resources from Libya, we need to be involved, but I think that our involvement should be very limited.
Joseph Griffin
Junior, Communications

If we’re going to go in, we need to go in and take care of business, not mess around. I feel like Obama could be more clear about what’s going on, too.
Comparing this to Iraq … if we’re going to go in, we should get what we came for done and go.
Alex Woods
Freshman, undeclared

It’s good that we’re involved, but part of me feels like [Libya] should take care of themselves. There are a lot of problems in our country to take care of too.
Aileen Keliiliki
Senior, Music Education

Photos by Jake Buntjer/UVU Review