It’s probably happened to you before, after a long day at school and/or work, you get home to realize that you only have ten minutes to prepare for that big date. Panic sets in, logic takes a back seat, and you’re insecure for the rest of the night. Here’s how to get pretty for a date without the hysteria.

1. Prioritize. Remember that not every date matters. There are those boys who you know you don’t have a future with, but they’re nice enough to spend a couple nights a week around. Don’t put too much work into those filler-dates. Think of them as practice for the dates that really matter.

2. Predict. Keep in mind your activities for the night. If you’ll be spending most of your time in the dark – night-snowshoeing or in a movie theater, don’t worry too much about the details, because they will go unnoticed. Consider all of the planned or possible activities, and primp accordingly.
Also, take into consideration how far you’re willing to go with this guy. It’s not necessary to shave your entire legs for every date, and you can skip the floss if you’re not planning on a kiss.

3. Stay focused. After a few years, fixing your hair and makeup just gets boring. It’s easy to get sidetracked, but this is a mistake. Bar yourself from the computer and television, and only have music going on in the background that won’t tempt you to sing and dance. Remember, you’re on a deadline and you don’t have time to check your Facebook.


4. Multitask. Brush your teeth in the shower, practice being charming while putting on tights, or straighten your hair while considering accessories. However, try to keep your tasks down to two at a time. Most likely, if you try to accomplish more than two things at once, you’ll do a shoddy job.

5. Get comfortable. If your date is at the door and you’re not as ready as you’d like to be, it’s time to accept your current state and have fun despite that uneven eyeliner. He’ll only notice if you’re obviously insecure about it.