Whether you play sports just for fun or are proving you still have skills, UVU intramurals offer a variety of sports and activities for all students. It is also a great opportunity to get more involved on campus while meeting new people.

The most popular intramural sports are seven-on-seven flag football and soccer, volleyball and basketball – all of which have different skill levels for teams to contend at, depending on their competitive desires.

The fee for teams to participate in intramurals is usually $50-$70, plus a deposit, which may be returned at the end of the season.

Tom Fell is the acting Coordinator of Intramural Sports and has held this position for a year now. Fell is excited for the new year to start and enjoys seeing students get involved.

“It’s pretty cool seeing some of the things people can do,” Fell said. “We still get some really good athletes. We get some guys who can dunk the ball around.”

The regular season schedule lasts approximately five weeks for intramural team sports. Teams will then be seeded and placed into a playoff bracket that will last about two weeks.

Teams play until they are eliminated or until they become  the champions.

There are also great opportunities throughout the year to participate in tournaments lasting two to three days and also single-day events like ping-pong, chess, golf or 5k runs.

Champions receive intramural T-shirts and, in some cases, gift certificates to local establishments.

Tournaments and single-day events either are free or  usually cost up to $10-$15.

For those students unable to participate in these events, but who still want to get involved, the intramural office always has a handful of “weekly picks.” This involves choosing weekly winners in various sports and events. The “picks” champions will be awarded a prize. Last year, the prize was a party at Rubio’s for the March Madness bracket winner and 25 friends.

Intramural posters around campus always have pricing and event location information on them. Information can also be found at the intramural office in SC-108 or at www.UVU.edu/Intramurals.