Over the past six months, UVU Review has gone missing from its racks twice. The first instance was the result of an innocent mistake on the part of counselors for at risk youth who were in need of materials for a building project.

The second instance occurred at some time on Aug. 30, when the freshly-printed edition was dropped off, still bundled, stacked high and left on the loading dock to be picked up in the morning for distribution.

Only, there were no papers to be found in the morning. Anywhere.

No one is quite sure what has happened to them, whether their loss is the result of another innocuous mistake, or something more malicious; all that is known is that they are gone at a loss of approximately $1,500.

Because of this incident, I wish to express something more than the bare fact that these papers have disappeared – yet again – much to the staff and advisors’ dismay.
What’s more important is that the information contained in these papers was not available to students and other readers for which this paper is provided free of charge. Here’s a list of things that you (probably) wouldn’t have known about if we had not been able to reprint it:

 Advantages of the bus pass made available to students.

 An important excavation being carried out by our professors on campus

 Scholarships available

 Nutty Provo laws

 The student government’s recycling program

 Why we need movie fantasies

 Why we should not get a new student center

 An important documentary made by Provo locals

 The international cinema

 Real Salt Lake’s chances at the playoffs

And the list goes on. The Review is full of all kinds of important stories, events, and opinions that deserve to be read by student’s eyes.

To the people responsible for the mishap of the missing papers: please think about the importance of this paper. Students put hours each day into writing and designing, sweat over deadlines, schedules, research and interviews. Whether your actions were the result of a mistake, a lack of information, or an attempt suppress the information contained within our pages, please understand how disappointing and difficult it is to expect to see your work available and be totally shut down.