Photo courtesy of Flickr

Most joke about being “poor starving students” at one point in their college years, but in reality, their facetious claims are usually far from the truth.

Unfortunately, though, the starving student cliché isn’t completely false. There are students among us that are struggling to make do and might actually be starving, in one form or another.

Help these students by donating to UVU’s canned food drive, happening now until Nov. 30. The goal for the drive is for every student to bring at least one can of food each. Simple enough, but one can from 30,000 students makes for a whole lot of mouths fed, and with the cold weather quickly approaching, having food to eat is more essential than ever.

There are bins placed around campus for students to place their donations, usually by entrances and exits. Look for them, and bring your food and show your gratitude this holiday season by helping those in need.

UVU is hoping that every student will donate at least one non-perishable food item to the Canned Food Drive, happening now until Nov. 30.