UVU hosts incredible intercultural night

Jake Buntjer/UVU REVIEW

On Monday, Nov. 15, the school played host to an intercultural night unlike any other. The event featured a wide variety of activities from authentic cuisine to dancing and dress, as well as many exciting opportunities to interact with foreign cultures. However, this night was not only about seeing what these cultures bring, but recognizing how unique they are and what a great pleasure it is to have them here.

Upon entering, visitors had the opportunity to get hands-on with each exhibit and booth they encountered. Some featured local cuisine; others had drinks, delicacies and other various samplers to experience.

When finished with the samplers, visitors had the opportunity to learn about each culture and talk to those at each booth, asking questions, making friends and enjoying the festivities offered.

Quite possibly the most engaging part of the night was the various on stage performances in the ballroom area. Hundreds were there to watch performers from Korea, Japan and Polynesia, runway models from the International Modeling Club and more. But what may have made the night for many was a young man from Korea, who put on a stunning show of magic tricks that captivated the audience as a whole.

Magician Sungsoo Kim, when asked about his thoughts on the event, said, “It feels great to be able to give good impressions to those watching. We really want to show that people from South Korea are talented and have a lot to offer.”

He was not the only one who shared that sentiment; others hope the night will create unification and multicultural enrichment. A young woman representing South Korea said, “We love the opportunity and are so excited that people took time out of their day to come.”

And come they did. At least 2000 people showed up for the event.

Although many attended, just attending wasn’t enough. It was important that those came had an experience to bring home with them, that they could feel like they learned something and were able to see our diverse community that is filled with opportunities to learn and be enriched.

Many positive responses were heard throughout the night concerning the event. Christopher Chileshe, who was in charge of organizing the event, exclaimed, “It was a huge success; in fact, we are probably going to have to get a bigger venue for next year’s international culture night.”

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