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The life changing events that could only happen in Kenya have impacted me forever. The beauty of the culture, the people and the genuine happiness that surrounds the entire country – it’s indescribable. People need to experience the culture first hand. Put your shoes in dirt on the other side of the world for one day and realize how blessed you truly are.”  – Venessa Crossley, junior

Seven reasons to visit Kenya

(with help from www.MagicalKenya.com)
JAMBO (“Welcome” in Swahili, a common language in Kenya.)

1 Location and topography
Kenya is located in east Africa, with access to five other African countries: Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan. The nearby Indian Ocean gives Kenya a rich source of food for both humans and animals; therefore, spending time in Kenya will not only be a wonderful place for seafood lovers, but also a great site for fishermen.

2 Climate and culture
Kenyan temperature remains comfortably warm year-round, with two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Still, it maintains a good climate condition, making it a great relaxation spot throughout the year, even during the rain.
The warm and welcoming culture in Kenya is open to everyone. One aspect of the Kenyan culture that is enjoyed by all is their love for music and dance, especially the dance of the Maasai Warrior. The balance of rhythm, music and dance is a sight to behold for anyone.

3 Wild weddings
Kenya is the perfect location for a distinctly unique wedding. Weddings can be arranged anywhere in Kenya from wilderness tents to a safari lounge. Kenyan weddings can be as informal as barefoot on the beach, to as formal as wedding gowns and tuxedos in the middle of the bush.

4 Honeymoons
Kenya is known as a romantic honeymoon destination for quite a few.  The idea of a safari honeymoon combines both excitement and romance, as many companies arrange for couples to sleep under the stars (with a mosquito net, of course), complete with candlelight and champagne.

5 Safari
Whatever kind of safari you’d like—from adventure to beach, golf to sport, Kenya is the place to go.

6 FamilyDestination
Going on a safari and exploring wildlife is far more adventurous and memorable than going to a theme park, and it’s a trip that kids will remember forever.  Kenya has many hotels, resorts and facilities that can cater to the needs of any family.

7 Wildebeest migration
Kenya’s annual wildebeest migration allows visitors the opportunity of pursuing the progressing herds as they migrate and renew the East African grasslands. Spectators can witness true nature from vehicles, horseback or even hot air balloons as the wildebeests fight off hyenas, lions, crocodiles and many other predators. The migration goes from the dry season in June to the wet season in October, starting and finishing in the Serengeti.

Gloria Kajo also contributed to this article.