Locking lips for school spirit.

Two students show off their school pride and their True Wolverine cards at the popular event. Photo by Torsten Bangerter

True Wolverine was filled with kisses and wandering hopefuls, along with some who were confused about what the event truly was.

The event, which took place on Jan. 27, was headlined with Davie Millet and Katie Sawatzki, a couple who got engaged at the homecoming basketball game earlier that evening.

“I wanted to propose to Katie right after she took the shots in between the game to surprise her,” said Millet. They were the first couple to kiss at the event.

For some reason, many men that came to this event seemed to think that they would increase their odds of scoring by bringing other men with them. Perhaps they might want to research statistics on the topic if they plan for more success with women in the future.

Part of the reason the True Wolverine tradition came about was because of Kisstixx chapstick. Kisstixx, developed by former UVU students, is a special kind of chapstick that utilizes the chemistry of kissing.

Kisstixx comes in pairs, a flavor for each partner. When the couple kisses, the flavors mix, causing even more fun and excitement. Popular flavors include fire and ice, strawberry and chocolate, and raspberry and lemonade.

In celebration of Kisstixx, two female students kissed each other in honor of the popular Katy Perry song “I Kissed a Girl.”
Two big, hairy men also joined in the festivities. The crowd responded a touch more enthusiastically when the girls kissed.

The turnout for this event was really good, considering how cold it was outside. Kissing another person,however, must be a major motivator for the willingness to go out in the cold weather. The average low for January is 20 degrees, well below freezing, and this year has felt exceptionally chilly.
Utah State University has a similar “True Aggie” tradition, but they also have the “Ultimate Aggie” tradition. This involves getting naked by a statue and getting your picture taken by it. It is possible Wolverines would adopt this tradition and get a picture taken naked by the wolverine statue. Of course, that woEuld not be a school sponsored event.

It seems that some people might have some undisclosed desires to do some crazy stuff in public; if that’s the case, these types of events will always be successful.