After their appearance and subsequent win on Dancing With The Stars, the Ballroom touring team has been invited to Russia to perform.

The team, which is led by Scott Asbell, extended the invitation after the team performed on the ABC show. The dancers would spend a week in Moscow performing, with all overseas expenses paid. They are currently waiting for UVU to approve their traveling expenses to get to Russia.

Team member Veronica Argyle says that she hopes that the funding is approved because it would be a great opportunity for the dancers to travel and perform and for the school to gain a positive reputation.

If UVU grants them the funds, the team would perform both of the sambas choreographed by Tara Boyd that led to their win on Dancing With The Stars. They would also be dancing their Latin and standard competition medleys.

Ballroom medleys are multiple styles of dance within a genre set to complimenting music that normally sticks to a theme. UVU’s Latin medley revives the Michael Jackson music used to win the Blackpool Dance Festival formation championship in 1999. The choreography has, however, been completely redone by Boyd.  The standard medley, choreographed by Paul Winkelman and Chris Williams, is set to music with a French theme.