With so many students driving to school, parking lots have become hunting grounds for most. Dave Young / UVU REVIEW

People have done some crazy things in the name of parking on campus. Once a truck was 4-wheel driven to a 45 degree angle up a snow pile that the shovels had created near the edge of the LA building, just to get a spot, any spot.

Unfortunately, unless you plan on being at school at 6 a.m. every morning, chances of finding decent parking are slim to none. Also unfortunate is that the money spent on a parking pass does not guarantee a parking place. There’s always the free lot past the testing center and the shuttle comes about every 10 minutes to take you to the actual school campus if the 15 minute hike seems too daunting or too long.

This strategy also works with the parking lots up by the GT and EE buildings. Those lots are out of the way, so no one ever wants to park there. With the shuttle or enough time, it’s an easy fix.

Another idea would be to find people in your earliest and latest class and start a carpool. It could be like a study group, only with taking turns driving. This not only cuts down on driving costs and the number of students taking up parking spaces, but is insurance to get you up for class in the morning. It’s a win all around as long as you make sure the person driving that day isn’t a flake.

For those who are a bit more flexible about when and how they deal with school traffic, the best advice is the simplest: Take the bus. UTA and Campus Connection offer a school year-long transit pass on a student ID for only $20. That means it’s good during the summer, even if classes aren’t being taken, and it works on buses, both regular and express, Trax and Frontrunner. The buses can sometimes be unreliable, but so can a car and if you have the stomach, homework or napping are a good way to spend the ride.

Hint: Guys, if you’re on a crowded bus and you give up your seat to a girl that’s standing, not only will she notice, but every girl around you will as well. With a little initiative, this could be a profitable bus ride.

For anyone living within a mile (or two) of the school, walking is recommend. Why drive to the gym to hang out on a treadmill when you can spend 20 minutes walking in the brisk Utah outdoors? This will save on overcrowding the buses and parking lots, plus save on the stress that inevitably comes with trying to park.

If you work it right, there are a ton of things that can be done on that walk. Go to the library, pick up some language CDs, download them onto your iPod and learn Turkish while you walk. Exercise, education and entertainment – it’s a win-win.

Parking can be a frustrating experience for all, but until nearby houses are demolished for parking lots, it’s all we can do to hold out.