[monoslideshow id=5]Two months ago, Utah photographer Matt Spencer co-founded a simple organization with a simple idea: unite as many individuals together under the motto “we are stronger when we are together.” Thus began the I Am Equal project. Spencer’s idea is simple. He gathers people under the idea that everyone is equal and takes their pictures.

His goal is to take over 100,000 pictures of individuals all over the country, all wearing brightly colored shirts (a rainbow of people, so to speak) and a temporary tattoo on their hand stating “I Am Equal.” He aims to give faces to the thousands of people all across the world who are willing to stand for equality.

Sponsored by the Spectrum Club, formerly known as UVU’s Gay/Straight Alliance, the I Am Equal Photo World Tour is currently being promoted on campus.  The tour is planning to come to UVU, but as of publication, there has been confusion about where specifically. If the event does not come to campus, students will have the opportunity to travel to Salt Lake and participate there.

This project allows students share their stories and take a stand for what they believe in. The project does not just promote one area of equality; everyone’s cause is different and represented.  Some people chose to support lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender rights, while others stand for civil rights. Some represent women’s equality specifically and others choose human rights in general. Whatever a cause may be, it can be represented with this great project.

The event on campus is scheduled on Sept. 9 from 4-9 p.m., but is subject to change. The project requires those participating to wear a bright, solid colored shirt and be camera ready. The temporary tattoos of the I Am Equal logo will be distributed, and then it is up to each individual to see how creative the posing can be. The only requirement is that the logo is as close to the face as possible.

It will only take a few minutes to register and take the pictures. Copies of the pictures will be distributed about a week after the event. Once the photos are received, participants are encouraged to share the picture and story with as many people as possible; for example, some people use it as a Facebook profile picture. This will generate inquiries and promote the project even further.

This great project could prove to be both informative and fun, so pick a cause (everyone has one), get some friends together and support the idea that everyone is equal.