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  1. These artists are new to the scene but are quickly making their mark: Between both performers, they have over 3.2 million fans on Facebook, a number that is growing each day.
  2. You can’t turn on a pop station without hearing one of their songs – between them they have seven top 10 hits on the Billboard charts.
  3. At just 21 years old, B.o.B. produced most of his debut album The Adventures Of Bobby Ray alone, while teaching himself to play the piano, trumpet and French horn.
  4. Before becoming a chart-topping singer, Jason Derulo was a songwriter for famous acts including Diddy, Sean Kingston and Danity Kane. In fact, he wrote his first song at age 8, titled “Crush on You.”
  5. What better way to wind down and relax before fall break than to enjoy a good concert full of great performers?