As Utah Valley State College affiliates, you may have noticed extra commotion every Wednesday near the food court. The credit for this added activity is given to the Student Activities Department and one of UVSC’s best-kept secrets: Wolverine Wednesday.

This celebration of sorts takes place weekly in Centre Stage between noon and 1:00 p.m. The main focus is the promotion of happiness and unity among students, faculty and staff, by bribing them with free food, treats and entertainment – things that typically bring in a crowd.

"Our goal (is) to give students, faculty and staff a place to come and eat lunch and have fun together," Celena Wunder, Student Activities intern, stated. "We always have treats – and a new, different activity every week."

The activities vary from Guitar Hero to pep rallies and live bands. Last Wednesday, Feb. 6, people were found painting and making jewelry. The biggest hit last semester was due to homecoming week and free pizza that was handed out to everyone who showed up.

Coming up this semester, there will be a day dedicated to making valentines, a day for performances from contestants in the Miss and Mr. UVU contests, and much more. All students who show up will receive something for their time. 

"I like to see what they come up with next," Camille Hadley, a UVSC hospitality management student said. "They put together a lot of activities. One week they had an obstacle course, and I made a big fool of myself, but it was really fun."

An average of 100 students show up to each event. Some of them are regulars, while others come and go; that is the whole idea of Wolverine Wednesday. It is a time and place where students can relax, do a little activity, and get some free treats between classes.

There is, however, an extra perk for anyone who comes wearing green: Such students receive something special. This soon to be university is already encouraging a more thought-driven student body through a combination of wardrobe selection and the chance at free goods.

"Everyone wearing any green gets an extra treat," Wunder explains. "We all have fun and look forward to it each week. It keeps growing."

The green not only helps each student, but it also aids in student participation and loyalty, and demonstrates support for the college. All of these will be needed when July 1 arrives.