So here we are, UVU. We had the big transition last year when we switched from UVSC to UVU. Now, don’t get me wrong; I think switching from UVSC to UVU is great. But the question still hangs over us — when will UVU become a University?

With true University status, we should become unstoppable. Here is just a short list of the possibilities:

*A Bigger sign than BYU

*Change name to Pioneer Larry H. Miller David Archuleta University.

*Get Wal-Mart to sponsor a skybridge from Wal-Mart to us.

*Real-life science musuem, not that crappy one with stuffed dead animals and a stupid pendulum.

*An escalator down hall of flags.

*Off-campus bar.

*Tear down our old ball park, and build a new state of the art one that is identical in size, function, and every possible manner.

*Create new major in University school spirit.

*Grand-Master degrees in business and nursing and education

*Master of the Universe degrees.

With these new possibilities in mind, we remain perplexed as to why we have not taken the bold step of becoming a university. We again firmly assert that UVU must become a university.