“After dropping my boyfriend off after a dance, I made out with a guy named “Bill.” Afterward, he and I discussed whether we should tell my boyfriend. Later that night I sent him a text saying, “I don’t think we should tell [my boyfriend].” Unfortunately, I accidently sent it to my boyfriend instead of Bill. Yeah, that was bad.”
— Kelly Cannon,
Assistant Culture Editor

“Going—and not fighting crime on the side.”
—Jarom Moore, Assistant News Editor

“I was very cautious.”
— Celeste Tholen-Rosenlof,
Opinions Editor

“Everything I did in high school was legit…But seriously, the dumbest thing I did in high school was not pay attention in math.”
— Andy Beutler, Designer


“I lived in New Mexico at the time and was in El Paso for a church stake Saturday event. I naively was talked into quickly going over the border into Juarez Mexico to some club, just to see what all the hype was about. Oh I did the dumbest things.”
— Audrey Moore, Designer

“I rode all the way home from school on the top of my friend’s Volkswagen Bus.”
— Jake Buntjer, Photographer
“Ripped my pants crawling through a window trying to grab a snowball.”
— Gilbert Cisneros, Photographer

“I jumped off the second story of a building into a pool and almost broke my head. That was stupid.”
— Eric Gonzalez, Designer

“I didn’t do anything.”
— Mindy Harward, Culture Editor

“Pay attention.”
— David Newlin, Editor-in-chief

“It was all dumb. Pretty much everything I said, did and wore represented a little social death.”
—Emma Hunt-Samudio,
Managing Editor