What is the role of a regional state university?

Provide quality academic learning opportunities for students through programs at the certificate, associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels.

To encourage responsible citizenship, emphasis is placed on engaged teaching and learning as well as scholarly work, research, creative achievements, career and technical education, and community and professional engagement.

Provide access to higher education and offer a broad range of opportunities from developmental education through honors programs.

Provide services designed to meet the educational and personal needs of students, to foster student success, to prepare students for meaningful lifework, and to provide access through a variety of modalities, including satellite campuses and the use of technology.

Promote economic and cultural development to contribute to the quality of life of the region and state.

Foster economic development and provide a talent-force to meet the needs of a dynamic economy by offering credit and non-credit programs and services for individuals and organizations.

Provide cultural experiences that enrich the community and offer significant and varied opportunities for continuous learning.