“I find it sad that few seem to care about doing research on judges. Did the 60,760 people who voted to keep Judge Sampson realize he once jokingly pointed his gun at a bailiff who was worried it might accidentally discharge? That’s not someone I want in our courts.”
— Lindsey Linge, copy chief

“I think that all four of those main races were decided long before the casting of the first ballot.  This is a Republican state and a state which likes its incumbents; if you qualify on both counts, you’re pretty much set to win.”
— Lorna Marie Larsen, features writer

“Sounds pretty good to me. Looks like a decent line-up.”
— Steve Pew, culture writer

— Emma Hunt, managing editor

“I am ok with Mike Lee and Gary Herbert; however, I don’t think Chaffetz should be where he is right now, and, mark my words, people will regret having voted for him.”
— Gladis Higginbotham

“I’m not surprised, but I’m still disappointed with how things go at the state level. I allow myself to believe that those kinds of miraculous upsets can happen for one to three months each year, and I’m always let down after the results are tallied.”
— Nadia Ashtawy, assistant editor of The V

“I’m new to Utah, but it sounds they will do a decent job if they hold to their promises.”
— Colby Kelley, features writer

“My first reaction was absolute horror. Lee, especially, scares the hell out of me. But maybe the Republican House will become either so gridlocked or so extremist that Democratic voters remember to get to the polls in 2012 so this doesn’t happen again.”
— Mel Sundquist, editor-in-chief of The V