“I, uh, I don’t think you’re supposed to be asking me that.”
–Emma Hunt, managing editor

“I don’t really see the point in keeping it. People of a homosexual orientation have every right to defend their country as homosexual Americans.”
–Brian Ericksen, features writer

“I think it’s a fair way to deal with a controversial issue. It respects people’s privacy and grants them equal opportunities for a military career.”
–Colby Kelley, features writer

“This is a beneficial concept! Me likey!”
–Weslie Graham, sports writer


“I think instructing people to remain socially isolated is symptomatic of a systemic failure of military leadership.”
–Loraine Gholdston, features writer

“It’s mind-boggling that this is still a relevant issue, let alone controversial. Seriously, conservatives, wouldn’t it be nice to be on the right side of history on a social issue, even just once? Let’s move on.”
–Rob Steffen, senior video producer

“I come from a long line of homosexual soldiers. A gay grandfather, uncle, or father have fought, died and been very fabulous in every single American war.”
–John-Ross Boyce, assistant features editor