“I enjoy the Arthurian legends a lot–more specifically Lanval by Marie de France because of it’s enchanting courtly romance. Also, I like examining the different ways that Guinevere has been portrayed in them.”
-Nadia Ashtawy, assistant features editor

“Tinker Bell! She’s small yet influential and has attitude.”
-Weslie Graham, sports writer

“Pikel Bouldershoulder from R.A. Salvatatore’s Cleric Quintet. He’s a semi-retarded dwarf who wants to be a Druid, or Doo-dad as he calls them. He has green-dyed hair and a cooking pot for a helmet. Easily the funniest character I’ve ever read about.”
-Colby Kelley, features writer

“Superman! But too many people read Superman like a modern Jesus, and that’s dead wrong. Jesus is one cool dude, but he’d never punch the daylights out of invading space squids. And Superman isn’t a martyr. He’s tough, but kind, and he won’t ever let you down.”
-Matthew A. Jonassaint, opinions editor


“X-Men’s Colossus: Why? He can turn into metal!”
-Brian Ericksen, features writer

“You think I would share my secret identity so easily? Nice try.”
-Emily Ballstaedt, features writer

“Does mythology count? I really like Odysseus cause he’s so dang cleaver and the wrathful slaughterer of the suitors at the end of the Odyssey was pretty sweet! You don’t mess around in another persons home, always respect your host or hostess!”
-Shane Maryott