“I would buy myself a T.V. then come home and surprise myself with it.”
— Jarom Moore,
Assistant News Editor

“Sell Jarom’s new T.V.”
— Celeste Tholen-Rosenlof,
Opinions Editor

“Replace your married friend’s bed with bunk beds.”
— Kelly Cannon,
Assistant Culture Editor

“My friend told his seminary teacher mom that his girlfriend was pregnant. He’s dead. She killed him.”
— Sterling Gray, Assistant News Editor

— Lex Bourgeous, News Writer

“Toothpaste in the Oreo. Yuck.”
—Elyse Taylor, Designer

“Toothpicks in the sandwich.”
— Andrea Whatcott, News Editor

“As a prank, my ex-girlfriend told me she was pregnant once. Needless to say, I don’t participate in April Fool’s anymore.”
— Gregory Gerulat, Writer, The V