“A comprehensive mural of DANCES WITH WOLVES. Also, a comprehensive mural of THE TWILIGHT SAGA in the style of ‘Three Wolf Moon.’”
–Lex Bourgeous, News Writer

“I would only get one if I get published. It would be ink and a quill on my left wrist with my publication date.”
–Mindy Harward, Culture Editor

“Invisible ink.”
–Mike Sanborn,
Assistant Opinions Editor

“All of the characters of FINAL FANTASY I on my back or just the black wizard. I want them on my lower back.”
–Jarom Moore,
Assistant News Editor

“‘If you can see this, you must be a really good friend.’”
–Matt Peterson, Copy Editor

“The classic hearts and roses. Those are the ones I’m into.”
–Celeste Tholen Rosenlof,
Opinions Editor

“A barcode on my right arm. I want to be prepared for our eventual enslavement.“
–Rob Steffen, Video Producer

“My recently departed mom’s signature, starting from my heart wraping around my back.“
–Andrea Whatcott, News Editor