“Family. Extended family. Because until I actually get married, my grandmother will never shut up about me getting married.”
—Mindy Harward, culture editor

“I hate Thanksgiving and I hate November and I hate it all besides pumpkin pie.”
—Elyse Taylor, designer

“I hate cranberry sauce.”
—Andrea Lindgren, news editor

“I love Thanksgiving. My mom made seven pies each year when I was growing up. I have no reason to hate Thanksgiving.”
—Natalie Psuik, designer

“I hate holidays in general because for me they magnify the things that aren’t as they should be. Missing friends and family, interpersonal drama, inner conflict, weakness, money troubles; all of these are amplified during November and December.”
—Mel Sundquist, editor-in-chief of The V

“Family. I don’t like family drama.”
—Kira Terry, sports editor

“Pumpkin pie. Because it’s never real, it’s always out of a can. But I love real pumpkin.”
—Matthew A. Jonassaint, opinions editor

—David Self Newlin, editor-in-chief of the UVU Review

“The line at Chuck-O-Rama.”
—Rob Steffen, senior video producer