“I feel like it’s something to be angry about that doesn’t matter.”
–Celeste Rosenloff, Opinions editor

“I’m upset about it because I missed the cut off by one day and I’m in the new one, which I can’t pronounce.”
–Kelly Cannon,
Assistant Culture editor

“In 1983, I was born under Capricorn on the solstice—I will always be a Capricorn. I you look at the trais of my sign, It’s me to a “T.” I’ll never be a Sagittarius. I’m too lazy.
–Natalie Psuik, Designer

“I like it. I’m a Gemini. I’m now twice as cool. That’s what Gemini means right?”
–Jarom Moore,
Assistant News editor

“The new zodiac gave me cancer”
–Rob Steffen, Senior video editor

I’ve lost my identity. I don’t even know who I am anymore.”
–Jessica Burnham, Copyeditor