“I’m not thinking about them, and I’m not doing anything to prevent them.”
Mindy Harward, Culture Editor

“Not having sex.”
Sterling Grey,
Assistant News Editor

“Holding onto the iron rod and laughing at the people in the big and spacious building.”
Elyse Taylor, Designer

“I’m thinking positive thoughts so the planet will hear them and say, ‘Okay, I won’t Earthquake on you’.”
Kelly Cannon,
Assistant Culture Editor

“I would bring back Pangaea.”
Andrea Whatcott, News Editor

“I hold a shamanistic ritual to appease the rock spirits.”
Mike Sanborn, Assistant Opinions Editor

“Losing weight. I’m the single force keeping the world in balance.”
Jarom Moore, Assistant News Editor

“Not living in California.”
Audrey Moore, Designer

“I don’t wear low-cut shirts.”
Emma Hunt, Managing Editor

“Walk really, really softly.”
Robin Anthony, Assistant Coordinator