Welcome, fellow students. It is a remarkable time to be at UVU – during the transition from college to university. This newspaper underwent its own change this summer – from The College Times to UVU Review.

Here at UVU Review, we strive to inform and entertain the student body with a student-created quality weekly newspaper for you, the students. One for you to read, respond to, and even become a part of.

As for UVU, bills have been passed, the library has been constructed and dedicated, and a slew of UVU-ushering activities have been running full force all summer long. Now it is time to start the first semester as a university.

University status has been identified, and now it’s time to build an identity. It’s time to create the university atmosphere that so many long for at his point in life. UVU offers myriad opportunities to get involved in university experience. This is the time when freedom and responsibility finally merge together.

Don’t let this occasion to be engaged in the university experience slip, because it is a unique and opportune time. I hope you enjoy UVU Review, and especially UVU.