Interested in summer sales, but don’t know who to work for? Recruiters are always seen in the hallways at UVU but it’s difficult to know who to trust when it comes to summer sales. A website, is available to help those in search of a summer sales company. is a database of various summer sales companies and offers detailed descriptions of each company including pest control, security systems, satellite, waste services and more.

“I’ve done summer sales before and I know how hard it can be to find the right company,” said Brandon Jeppson, owner of “We just wanted to provide a resource to help answer people’s questions.”

The website offers multiple newspaper and magazine articles, personal blogs and doorstep advice. Visitors can receive answers to their summer sales questions in the “Ask Dave” section of the site and if more information is needed on a company, or an interview request is wanted, can help out there as well.
Visitors are also welcome to contribute their stories, comments and advice to the website. “It is nice to finally read an accurate portrayal of the summer sales industry,” said an anonymous visitor, “and that takes a balanced approach and just says it how it is.”

“I would love for people to go online and comment and share the experiences they’ve had with these different companies,” Jeppson said. “That way we’ll be able to help our users find the company they want to work for.”