Students have the chance to have a voice by voting in Utah’s presidential primary elections on Feb 5 also known as Super Tuesday. On Feb 4 and 5, student government will have a table in the student center hall to help any of those who are unsure on how to go vote.

At the table, they will have information on where students can go cast their vote and other important things to know when voting.

"We really want to encourage students to go out and vote because honestly their vote really can make a difference," said Justin Davies, student Executive Vice President. "We want students to realize that they can go out and vote."

One thing to know is that a person can only vote in the Democratic party if they are a registered Democrat. If a person wants to vote in the Republican party they must be a registered Republican.

If a person is unaffiliated but wants to vote in one of the parties, they must be willing to change his/her status to the party they wish to vote in at the primary voting location.