The latest victim in a series of females being inappropriately touched on campus was able to lead campus police straight to her attacker on Nov. 30.

An unidentified female victim followed her attacker to a restroom in the Liberal Arts building after she was inappropriately touched in the same building. After following the attacker, the victim immediately notified campus police, who were able to locate and arrest the individual.

“She followed the attacker and apprised us of the location,” said Detective K. Liddiard of the UVU Police Department, “we took him into custody without any resistance.”

No information on the identity of the attacker will be released due to the fact that the individual is a minor.

“The attacker is a concurrently enrolled minor at UVU and that is all the information that we will disclose,” said Liddiard.

While police are unable to disclose the exact charges at this time, they are able to confirm that charges have been filed with the county attorney’s office.

The names of the victims will not be released in the interest of the ongoing investigation.

Campus police have also learned that there are more victims according to a statement released on their website. Police are asking any victims to contact Detective Liddiard at (801) 863-5555.