Jimmy Vipple is excited (to put it mildly) to make the big bucks this summer.

“I’m stoked,” Vipple said. “I mean, EPX says that the least amount made by a sales rep last summer was around 20 grand. That’s so much money!”

Vipple, along with others, attended a meeting in which they learned they “would be fools not too sell for EPX this summer.” After the free pizza, the meeting took a serious tone about their respective futures as a result of working with EPX.

“I learned that life is basically just a business, and the skills I would learn by selling security systems would prove useful throughout my life, whether it was finding my wife or getting that upper-level job I might apply for,” Vipple said.

When asked if he was prepared for the work ahead of him, Vipple seemed confident. The fact that he would be knocking and selling in low-income areas in Chicago didn’t seem to matter.

“Oh yeah, it’s easy stuff,” Vipple said. “You knock doors and talk to people. How easy is that? Then you just present this product that practically sells itself and gives these people protection, and just collect the money.”

Still, some of the summer sales companies have been negatively targeted for the manipulative tactics they use to sell a product to those who usually don’t need it. When asked this, Vipple nodded, as if he already had an answer for this.

“Yeah, I asked EPX about that. I learned that a lot of people unfortunately target those who make a lot of money because they’re jealous. I also learned that I’m doing a public service by selling this product,” Vipple said.

Those who, like Vipple, wish to make a fortune this summer should check one of the many summer sales companies in the area.