UVSC has grown substantially in the past few years, having added 5 new bachelor degree programs for Fall 2006 and another 5 for Fall 2007. In keeping with this tradition of growth, it has recently been announced that UVSC has confirmed that a new degree will be offered to its more than 23,000 students. On 28 January 2008, The Utah State Board of Regents approved a four year Bachelor Degree in dental hygiene.

The idea for instating a four-year bachelor degree in dental hygiene was first proposed in Spring 2007, being approved by UVSC’s Board of Trustees in October of the same year. The new Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene will be part of the previously existing Department of Dental Hygiene in UVSC’s School of Science and Health. The new four-year degree will be offered in addition to the already highly successful Associate of Applied Science degree.

This new degree is just one of many changes slated for UVSC as it makes the transition to UVU later this year. President William A. Sederburg has stated that the mission of UVU will be to "prepare professionally competent people of integrity who, as lifelong learners and leaders, serve as stewards of a globally interdependent community.” It is evident that changes are being made now and will continue to be made in the near future in order to provide Utah County with an incredible university – ultimately providing competent and skilled individuals for the workforce of tomorrow.

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